Curve Your Earways at the Tutu Gallery

Participatory Exhibition Performance of Sound──Curve Your Earways

A collaboration between the M.O.V.E. Theatre and noiseKitchen Art Co.,Ltd.


Bend an ear, clear up your headspace

Come to the playground of an audible wonderland!

A Playful sound piece by a Music Composer and a Sound Installation Artist
A Brand New Collaboration from Taishin Arts Awards Winner Lin Kuei-ju & Wang Chung-kun

Curve Your Earways transforms the Tutu Gallery of National Taichung Theatre into a huge resonance chamber by utilizing the featured curved walls as the creative base. This fascinating sound cruise transmitted through air encourages audiences to illustrate the gallery space by using sounds as scanner. Wanna know how much you know about sound? Find out for yourself how the sound bounces between curved walls and discover a completely different Tutu by the sense of hearing.

Since winning Taishin Arts Awards with Dear John in 2013, Lin Kuei-ju, the principal artist of the M.O.V.E. Theatre, and Wang Chung-kun, the Art Director from the noiseKitchen Art, are teaming up again for another sound/performing arts venture. Centering at vibration, resonance and space, the sound project Curve Your Earways creates an integrating experimentation of exhibition/performance with original composition, mechanical installation and interactive technology.

Lend an ear to spot a world of different dimension and perceive a new sensory experience through listening to the lead of the performer. The sound we hear that shapes a space is not only from the vibration of the audio source, but also the reverberation created when the sound is reflected by the objects in the space. Like how bats identify directions and determine spatial orientation by using echolocation but not sight in the dark, audience can scan and navigate through the space using sound waves and frequencies as tools.

This is a sound adventure, a sound that can only be identified by you through the most mysterious earways of yours.


Show Time & Ticket Info

2018/11/17、24 (Sat) 13:30、15:30、17:30
2018/11/18、25 (Sun) 13:30、15:30、17:30

For Family Audience|13:30、15:30、17:30 Nov. 17 & 24, 2018 *Age limit: 3+
For General Public|13:30、15:30、17:30 Nov. 18 & 25 *Age limit: 7+

NT$200/per person >>BUY TICKET

※Audience Advisory–
Camera Filming|13:30 Nov. 24, 25 & 15:30 Nov.24
Stills Photography|15:30 Nov. 24 15:30

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Production Team

Creation & Production|M.O.V.E. Theatre
Composer|Lin Kuei-ju
Sound Installation Design|Wang Chung-kun
Exhibition Design & Execution|noiseKitchen Art Co.,Ltd.

Presented by National Performing Arts Center/National Taichung Theater