Coming This Month: Kuang Qi

Coming This Month: Kuang Qi

Running Time: 60 mins with no interval

Commissioned by Taiwan Traditional Theatre Center

A daring experimentation of traditional Chinese Opera arts through the approach of Modern Theatre.

Live music hybrid of Chinese Luogu and modern Western percussion.


From the creator of the 12th Taishin Arts Award winning program, Dear John, brings a wild exploration on Kuang Qi inspired by Chinese Lougujing(鑼鼓經). The story revolves around two noted female characters of Chinese Opera, Du Liniang from The Peony Pavilion and Zhu Yingtai from The Butterfly Lover, and their encounter in an erotic dream driven by the most primitive desire. It is the dream that allows them to transform, to break the boundaries of sexual identities, and to liberate them from the form of existence.


Exploring the new possibility of innovation, the Composer/Music Director Lin Kuei-ju detaches the work from the original indication of traditional Gongs and Drums Notation. The musical composition creates a refreshing dialogue performed by percussionists from both reign of the Western and the Eastern training.The masculine dynamics depict the female struggles under social norm, while the fluid soundscaping implies the springing desire.


Ticket Prices and Available Performances

Sep. 29(Fri)19:30

Sep. 30(Sat)14:3019:30

Oct. 01(Sun)14:30


Note: Suitable for aged 12 and above

OrganizerNational Center for Traditional Arts

VenueExperimental Theater, Taiwan Traditional Theatre Center (臺北市士林區文林路751)


About Artist


Lin holds a Bachelor degree in Composition from the Taipei National University of the Arts and a Ph.D. in Composition from University of California, San Diego. She is currently the music director of the M.O.V.E. Theater and an adjunct assistant professor in music. As a composer, Lin Kuei-ju enjoys working with acoustic and electroacoustic instruments, sound installations and interdisciplinary collaborations in both theater and dance. Her music has been performed in concerts and music festivals in Taiwan, Japan, Korea, Israel, Australia, France, Poland, Canada and across the USA. She is also an improviser on piano. Her debut album  “Classy Bluster – Improvised Music by Kuei-ju and Friends” is released in December 2010. Her collaborative project “Dear John” received the Taishin Arts Awards’ best 5 art works of 2013.


Any questions please contact: Sammie Liu [email protected]